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Older than an wooden pushcart. Simpler than a wheel. Able to raise tall buildings in a single pen stroke. It's a crane! It's a plane! No. It's Supernothing! The nothing we give for something to obtain anything! It's MONEY! But, what is money? On what is is based? How is it created? Who creates it? ... More

This amazing tool; this simple, small paper receipt created from nothing; this humble measure of values that has made our life so simple for so long ... has been the most powerful weapon of mass destruction ever used against us ... More.
They didn't need gold. What they needed was to be able to interchange values they made -- easily, safely and conveniently. They didn't need to store values, they needed to exchange them. Paper receipts were more convenient, so the gold in his vault never went down more than 10%. ... "Why not give out more receipts than I have gold?" he thought. "Who's to know?" ... More

Republic is designed so that the powers of force, law and justice check and balance. It enables people to elect, by mayority vote, those who will protect individual rights over the tyranny of privilege. It permits capitalism in the economic and prosperity in the social ... More


The greatest power of Government is to emit and control money. Throughout the world, "our representatives" have given away that power to private entities who have created a secret, private, global government more powerful and despotic than anything imaginable ...More

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